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I can only say that I started to skim this piece, as I have done several others, looking at different styles - but I ended up reading it in it's entirety. When you can make me stop and read, when I didn't intend to, then you have got a compelling piece of writing on your hands.

Thanks for writing it.

Very touching. Thank you for sharing.
This is very well done! Good writing and a good read! Great messages of opposites. One to fill, the other to open. Great stuff!
What a good lesson on how important our physical and spiritual health are. Well done.
Very, very good. A very apt analogy, deftly drawn.
An engaging telling of a very gripping experience! You've driven your point home well in this wonderful story! If this is autobiographical (I think it is), I'm so glad this health crisis had a happy ending.
This deeply personal piece was handled with a clear and detached eye; balanced, gentle and loving, rooted firmly in a strong faith. There is a rhythmic qaulity to this, particularly in the first 2 or 3 paragraphs. Very good. God bless.
Well written and descriptive. Good job.
Excellent. Very gripping story and you summed the ending up with balance. Loved it.:)
glad u survived the whole ordeal and ed still has a wife and katie still has her mother.praise God!
Wow Cassie! An incredible comparison of our physical heart and our spiritual heart! Well done!
This is a God-inspired analogy/comparison using the heart - no less, which is where the Holy Spirit resides. I'm sorry to hear of your experience if this is true, however, isn't it amazing when God uses us to open our eyes and see a myriad of things? I enjoyed reading this and its message therein! Blessings, Jo :)