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A great story of the "near misses" so many of us have all the time and forget to stop and thank God for. His angels truly do amazing things that so many of us fail to notice.

Well written. I think you should call it "Nothing happened". :)
I agree. "Nothing Happened" is more of an attention grabber, and more indicative of what the story is about!
Good job--you hooked me from the start, and held my interest throughout. Excellent.
You may have learned to laughingly say "nothing happened" - which is true down here on planet Earth! But "something big happens" up there, when angels scurry to deter those "nothing happened" scenes down here! Think about it! Nicely done and God Bless.
You grabbed me with the first paragraph, because I, too, have heard loud noises from elsewhere in the house only to hear from the girls, "Nothing happened!" I agree with those who said the title should be 'Nothing Happened'. Good job at describing the awful plight you would all have been in if the ship would have left without your husband and daughters! And what a comforting thought to conclude a well-written piece.
I agree with the other readers. A great article. I was hanging on there hoping your husband and the girls would make it. Thank God they did.