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Some very powerful statements you make in this article: "How my heart grieves when another is pulled away through lustful desires to have something or someone else meet the pull in their heart rather than the Lord Jesus Christ.", "Yes, of course, we still have sinful passions and urges. That’s a fact! So we tell ourselves that we must give in to our passions. No, the Christ in us tells us to put to death those passions." There were others, but I don't want to use up all the space.
Excellent use of Scripture to point out hope and error.
This statement sums up our struggles very well: "Our biggest problem is that we never run to Him because we want to indulge in our sinful passions. We justify it because we want it!" And then we realize our nakedness, like Adam and Eve did when they sensed God's Presence, and are ashamed!
This is a very good essay on the condition of the Christian heart.
Your opening paragraph, however, led me to believe that you were going to talk exclusively about extramarital affairs in the church. Then you described other things that pulled us away from the Lord. This paragraph should somehow be restated to address this concern.
Good and much-needed lesson for the Body of Christ!