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Beautiful story, with a message we all need in our fast paced world. Thank you.
A nice story with a good lesson. With a double check on your editing you would have found "sight" instead of "slight"..but overall it is well written and a job well done on the subject of trees, time and insight. Very good!
This was written in a very easy to read and pleasant style. I noticed a punctuation need here and there but otherwise so very good. :)
Consider re-wording this: “I don’t know”, Issa silently replied. How does one silently reply?

This is an interesting story, hard to nail down a setting. But an apt lesson; thanks a lot!

Great title, which I understood better when I finished your article.
There are some places where the writing needs to be tightened up. Watch the overuse of -ly adverbs.You could just as easily say that Yeshua sneaked up on her than he "silently found her", for example, and '“I don’t know”, Issa silently replied' works just as well without the adverb.
Thank you for having us consider the lesson told in this story.