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Thanks for a touching reminder that America is blessed to have women and men serving us in far away places and some of them don't come home. Good job.
The song melody was going through my head as I read your words. Thank you for this. We must never forget them.
This is a really powerful story. You did an excellent job of pulling me in right away.

You have a few little errors that a good proofreader could help you catch. Also try not to repeat the same word too many times in a piece this short. If you go back and count, I think you'll be surprised how many times you used the word song or sing.

You did a great job of building the suspense. It reminded me when I was little and had to go into the hospital and how hard it was to say goodbye, for the kids as well as for me. You did a nice job of showing that feeling. You also covered the topic in a fresh way. Even without your last paragraph, I had already paused and said a prayer for those serving their country as well as for their families who are also sacrificing on my behalf. Nice job.