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Powerful example to use for forgiveness. How many people would keep the door shut to their home and to their hearts? Good job.
I would have had a hard time opening up the door. Good reminder for forgiveness...nice story!:)
Interesting forgiveness story; unfortunately, not too believable. My spouse used to practice domestic abuse law - the typical abuser asks for forgiveness almost everytime...right before they start the same abuse thing over again.
Thanks for posting.
It is hard to believe let alone forgive those who repeatedly hurt us. Only the love of God can accomplish that in our lives!
I like the way that this was written very much, but like dub I did not find this too believable; forgiveness is a beautiful thing and perhaps this would have been more believable if we had more information on why the father was so changed and how this change came about. Lots of promise in this - perhaps work it up for an article posting. God bless.
I'm missing something here; the "how" he was changed. I was waiting for something about the "why" an "how"...about Jesus changing him: "jailhouse religion" is prevalent. But good writing!