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Although I have never seen that movie, I could feel the emotions that it stirred up in you. I love how God sends us little reassurances of his love when we need them most. I'm also delighted that you are writing them down, for not only do they inspire the reader,they are a constant reminder that God does loves us dearly. We need those memories on bad days, and your story will remind me of God's love every time my breath is taken away by a beautiful flower.
I never watched this film, but have heard many different people speak about it. You did a good job with writing about it from your perspective, and bringing it home to those who didn't view it.

Nicely written.

God bless~
Sorry...this went before I wanted it to. I wanted to add, "I loved your true account of what you experienced" with seeing the flowers and feeling a sense of peace and joy knowing He is risen. Amen and Amen.

Thank you. God bless~
I know this is written straight from the heart. I felt every emotion that you shared with us. I love the way you opened and closed the piece with your vivid memories of the flowers. You've presented the message of the cross throughout, in a direct and also a personal way, which will touch many hearts. Great writing!
You've written a very personal account of the way this movie affected you. I have seen the movie too and it was very confronting and moving. You've done a great job in describing it and the impact of the flowers you saw. Well done! The only words I would suggest you could change are these: 'His emaciated skin', because I don't think the Lord was emaciated (that would mean he had severely lacked nourishment) - just my opinion.But overall a great piece of writing.
I love your title. Thank you for sharing this tender testimony. Good job!
Very moving, emotion-laden piece. I have seen the movie, and I think I can agree that it was life changing for me as well. Your descriptions are vivid and your message is right on. I love it when the Lord confirms His Word with signs: those flowers were a "rhema" word for you. Great piece of writing. Thanks for sharing it.
The way you describe the scents of the flowers and the emotion of the painful yet beautiful movie is almost like moving an artist's brush for me to see the painting. Very moving, poignant, telling of your experience. I didn't see the movie either, but I'm sure it was life changing.

God Bless, Lynn
I love how you marked the contrast between the blooms and the images that you encountered in the movie. Tears come to my eyes every time I think about what our Savior did on the cross for us. The beauty of the flowers is a good contrast to that, just like the resurrection of Christ stands in contrast to the suffering. He is Risen.
What a marvelous comparison -the beauty of flowers and the beautiful reality of a risen Lord.

I love the thought from your title that the Cross not only represents pain, but from that pain new birth blossoms like flowers.

Wonderful, insightful!
The flow of this story is outstanding and compels the reader forward. The first sentence is the only one that gave me a stumble. You awakened my senses with a "rose garden" and then put "tulips" in it. Perhaps, roses and tulips would work better. The title invites readership. Well done.
"The Passion of The Christ" was such a powerful intense tribute to Jesus - heartbreakingly memorable. I remember reading Mel Gibson had his own hand holding the nail that pierced Jim Cavaziels hand. It made me think that Mel Gibson had truly given himself to our Lord, feeling himself to be the sinner keeping Jesus on the cross. Thank you for bringing this anew to my attention. I will continue praying for him.

I love how you sandwiched your story between the bouquets - it adds poignancy and loveliness to a beautiful written piece.
What a very timely story, and a beautiful piece. Perfect for Easter, and reminder what our wonderful Savior went through at the Cross. Thanks for sharing your talent with us and I know your writing touches the heart of God.
It was wonderful to read again this wonderful testimony and share in the way God touched your own heart so deeply on this occasion. It is hard to put His touch of power, the lessons He teaches, the mysteries He reveals, into words but you have been able to share something of the beauty and wonder of His working. Thankyou. It has touched many hearts. How true it is that alongside suffering and pain, God reveals aspects of beauty and joy. The verse(Hebrews 12:2) came to mind as I read - Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Thank you again dear friend.
Congratulations on your well deserved HC. I had a feeling about this one, but didn't want to jinx it! Very beautiful story, very well done.
Many congratulations Alicia -so thrilled that this heart-touching stpry won a well deserved placing. With love - M
Congrats to a well deserved win! Blessings!
A big congratulations to you Alicia. You did a great job with this one.
Congratulations my friend! HAPPY DANCE!!!
Congratulations on ranking 21 overall!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!!
The movie forever changed my views of Jesus' suffering too, making it a real almost tangible experience.
Your emotional descriptions and testimony are a touching reminder of that movie premiere. We went as a church family-perhaps 200 people and the raw emotions and stunned silence as the house lights went up is still etched in my memory.
Well done and a hearty congratulations on 21 overall!

I am so happy for your HR and your 21 placing overall!

This was a worthy read, and one that obviously touched all those who read it. My sincere congratulations, and I look forward to your next entry.

God Bless,