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Your opening sentence sets a great tone for this piece. "Feeling your way through the darkness," then finding the key to God's light that dispels the darkness is beautiful imagery.

Your song has a unique rhyming pattern. I hope someday you'll set it to melody.
Now this is brilliant. Haven't seen this format before, but it is one I won't forget. I think this could be the one.

Your writing is clear and strong and your poetry is straight from your heart to His. Your love for Christ comes through loud and softly at the same time.

Excellent work!
This is a beautiful, moving piece. You described the lamp so well, I could picture it sitting at my fingertips. (I am a big fan of milk glass, and of old lamps, and so this was particularly appealing to me). And I loved the way you compared the light of the lamp to the light of Jesus.

Well done.
Awesome! You painted a beautiful picture in my heart so gracefully. The words seemed to flow right off this page, and Im sure it will touch many hearts. I realy believe this will do very well.

I loved going to my grandparents house while they were still alive, and they had a beautiful hurricane lamp with a key. This story reminds me of going to there house when i was a young boy, and meddling in the many drawers in their house. On one anitque table set the hurricane lamp. I was so intrigued by the lamp and the small drawer. I still remember the smells of that house in my mind it was a very special place.

God Bless and best wishes!
Lovely. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift . . .
This is a lovely story that fits the topic well. I hope it places highly.
Beautiful, touching, moving and so filled with love for the Lord. I was completely filled with peace and joy as your words touched my heart. I loved praising God, and this gave me great joy.

Excellent! God bless~
I just read this again and had to comment again. I loved the whole things but absolutely adored your poem. I really think this should win.

God Bless, Lynn
Brilliant; both writing and song are absolutely lovely. Its a song of such depth, praise and love for the Saviour. I know you poured much into this and the end result is very very precious. As others have said, I think this will place highly but even more than that, its such a blessing to read. Well done.
Beautifully written. Your love for Jesus Christ is so well expressed with the keys and the light.
God bless.
Thanks for sharing your song! I enjoyed this. Good job.
Your lovely piece had such a peaceful, comforting "feel" to me! I, too, could picture the old milk glass lamp with its key that you described, and I loved how you tied it in to your poem: "As the hurricane lamp has a key which turns on the light in three different ways, so You have given me a key within Your Holy Trinity. This brings my being to life -- body, soul, and spirit in a similar fashion." The words of the chorus to your poem especially blessed me, and I really liked the formatting you used! Great job overall! :)
I think you nailed it this week! Your combination of testimony and prose was a brilliant idea and a joy to read. Superbly designed and crafted~~ Well done!!
I really liked this piece and thought it was quite clever and reached out and grabbed my heart. I think the symbolism between having three levels of light when you turn the knob is a touch of Jesus. I also enjoyed the song. I'm not very musical, yet I could easily hear this being sung as I read it. You did a grand job with this piece. I hope no matter how it ranks, that you will continue to tweak it until it is perfect in your eyes and then search for the right venue so as many people as possible will be touched by these awesome words.
Congratulations on ranking in 6th place! Very happy for you. Forget what I said about poems and stories!
Congratulations on ranking in 6th place! Very happy for you. Forget what I said about poems and stories!
Congrats my friend! You are inching closer and closer to the top! This is a awesome piece no doubt. God is wanting to stretch us out and pull out some evengreat works. Even greater words shall you write dear sister in Christ. So hold you head up. Well Done!
Congratulations on ranking 6th in level two!! Happy Dance!! I know this piece touched so many hearts. You are doing a great job of delivering God's message to the masses.:)
Wow girl!!!!
I don't know anything about hurricane lamps, yet you painted such a fine picture I feel like I know all about them. I could really feel the warmth of this piece. The setting was great and the tie in was so fitting. Great job and congrats!