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This left me with tears. Thank you for the dear and beautiful memories you shared in this story. What a trooper you were to be the only singer that day. I could only imagine the butterflies you felt. This was truly a story worth reading.
God Bless You,
Thank you for sharing your stories, your poem, your "solo," and all your love notes and blessings. May you continue to be blessed with God's love and grace in your life.
Lovely. Thank you for this most enjoyable read . . .
This was a lovely trip down memory lane. I like the idea of a scrapbook holding many precious memories.

I wonder if it might have been stronger if you had focused on just one memory and really expand on that and bring the characters to life.
It's just 750 words isn't enough and I was eager to learn more about Grandpa or the choir story.

I think you did a nice job of helping the reader relate to your story. The journal was a great way to transition from one part to another. Nice job.
Oh I knew some of these stories sounded familiar! You did such a good job of making me feel like I knew the author and I'm delighted to find out I really do because like I said before I want to read more of these delightful stories!! Congratulations for ranking 9th in level two!!
I wanted to copy these words because they are so powerful and sometimes I think we all need this reminder--I am blessed. Through the good, the bad and the sad I have friends and family who love me and are there for me.
I do love you my friend <3
Sometimes the hardest steps we take in life are when we look back at the trials lived through and see just how God has blessed us.

Good job in pointing that out Kiddo.
Congratulatins Beckykins on placing with this tender story that revealed such a tender heart! I am also impresed that you wrote such a darling poem for your grandpa at only eleven years old. I guarantee you that it was one of his warmest memories that he carried home to heaven with him. :)
Love this trip down memory lane! I love sitting down & reading old notes. Great job writing from the heart. :)