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This is so sincere and heartfelt. I can tell how much you love Jesus by your beautiful words. I can relate to your feelings all the way through this one. I think this is very good indeed.
A heart poured out and a resolution found. Your poem flows with seeking, doubting and finally assurance. Nice job, very well done.
I just read this together with my sister. She had come to me in tears, feeling the exact feelings of being lost and alone. Your beautiful, heartfelt poem spoke to us both - encouraging and loving. Thank you.
This is really beautiful. You have a special way with allowing the words to flow from the page out to the world beyond. I meant to mention before you hit submit, hit preview so you can see what the piece will look like to the reader because sometimes the formatting gets messed up, but it didn't really matter with this piece as the words stand on their own. Nicely done and quite powerful.
Oh, I love this. It flows so well from one line to the next, and the rhyme is so natural that I didn't even feel myself "checking" it as I read, as I sometimes do.
Very much from your heart and beautifully expressed. Thank you so much. God bless you.
Heartfelt, sincere and encouraging. A lovely poem.
There is such beauty in your words, the meaning interlaced with a heart filled with love for our Lord. Artistic and profoundly touching.

Thank you.

God bless~
Nice job! I know nothing of the technical aspects of writing poetry, so you'll need to get the ink from someone else; but I know one thing, I liked this poem!
Your poem touched me. I loved your lines:

New Year, new times,
I am still clinging to the vine;
scared to move
yet petrified to stay the same.

I can relate with the narrator of your poem. Nicely done.
Thought-provoking, challenging and reassuring all at the same time. A difficult mix, but you have combined them well.
This is really a heart felt poem, which echoes the feeling, I think of many hurting hearts. Praise the Lord, that He is, "The God of all Comfort". Looking forward to reading more from you.
The title says it all. A beautiful poem. Thank you and God bless.
Lovely, touching poem that flows so gently! I especially liked the stanza:

"Slowly learning to
rest my weary head
on Daddy's lap --
holding nothing back,
I look for approval
only from Him."

That is my prayer, too!

You did a nice job with this! :)
Congratulations for ranking 10th in level two! Happy Dance!! The top ten in level two and the top 40 overall can be found on the message boards
Congratulations on your placing in the top ten. For a newbie that is very good. Keep writing and you will be on top in no time!
Nice very deep and flows straight from your heart to Father's heart and very sincere moves right along.An congrats on placing 10 in level 2