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This is a great story. You did a splendid job of getting to the center of the MC's personality. I could feel her inner conflict immediately and was eager to keep reading.

I did crinkle my brow in the part about Dad not being there. At first I thought he must have died in the same accident. But then it didn't seem like he would be in the van with a bunch of students on Spring break.

I like how the mysterious visitor was Jesus. Many writers would be tempted to take the unknown angel angle which can be used too often to explain things. You covered the topic in a fresh way and did a great job of painting a picture for me. This is an outstanding story. I loved the ending and think you wrote a powerful story.
Well done. I liked how you infused 'face up, face down,' and 'flip flop' throughout the piece. This set the mood brilliantly. I also liked the attention to detail, like the hair on the toes of Jesus.

Great application of theme, and I especially loved this poignant phrase,

“Maybe flat on your back like an overturned tortoise is how I want you,”

Nicely done. I enjoyed this entry and the way in which it was presented left me with a good feeling.

God bless~
Great story. You did a good job of setting the mood and gave your MC some depth with the conversation with her mother. I enjoyed the rhythm from the flip-flop's. Well written.
Well written and a very creative take on the topic. I really liked the ending as that is one of my favorite verses.
Actually two of my favorite verses...
Actually two of my favorite verses...