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Good for you! Humility is always the best way to go. May God bless and encourage you in your writing!
I liked your catchy introduction!!

I remember feeling this way last year, when I first started actively participating in the Challenges. Like you said, we all need to be reminded to keep our focus on Him!
What a very honest article from the heart. Here's hoping you will write in the future for the sheer joy of it. Also know that although not highly recognized yet, your writing is sure to touch many that need to read what you write. Joanne :)
If you're aiming to engage your readers, you've certainly succeeded! Most of us can identify with your content, and you've brought out beautifully how we keep writing out of obedience to our Lord. Thanks for the encouragement. Also, you know, while it is great to get feedback and even better to win, sometimes God seems to teach us through the whole challenge topics too, don't you think? May God bless you richly as you keep obeying, regardless of earthly success, and if He so pleases, may you soon have recognition too!
What an honest assessment Your focus on the Lord will help your writing to improve in magical ways. Thanks for sharing.
You are not alone, dear writer. I entered an article last fall. It was from the heart and I couldn't not write it. I won 8th place from the editors. Of course, after that I expected to keep winning. I wrote two or three weeks, simply to win, and didn't. I had to relinquish my competitive motives and simply write becaue I ejoy it. It's not easy though. Thanks for expressing what a lot of us probably feel.
Well done. I've been there too. But if we have to write we might as well be read...and who knows...if we keep writing and learning maybe one day we'll be the ones with the rave reviews and places of honor. And if even one person is helped by something we say it is worth putting ourselves out there. I've had a week of knowing my entry isn't so great, but also knowing it touched at least one person. And your entry has obviously struck a chord this week. Just look at all this feedback! :)
God is dealing with me in the same way. I need to be reminded that I write for Him not for the praise of man. Thanks for your honesty. It is refreshing and encouraging.
Pam, when I first saw your article after it was submitted, I made a note in my files to leave a comment on it once the Challenge was finished. I really had to say that your honesty in this was something that probably the vast majority of members can relate to. Oh and that slight twinge that comes when a friend, that we've introduced, seems to be doing better! Hard not to feel a teeny bit envious. But Pam, I was cheering you on when I read right through to your last statement. You have evaluated the situation perfectly and come to the only right conclusion. Well done. Keep rising to the Challenge - you'll get there in the end. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)