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This is an interesting story. You covered quite a few years with few words. Tommy grabbed my interest and was a likable character. You did a nice job of introducing the conflicts too.

I did notice you switched tense in this sentence: He was at the stage where girls don’t matter.It should be didn't Another thing you could have done here is show instead of tell. For example He was at the stage when a girl walked by he and his friends would crinkle their noses and shout, "Cooties!" Also some of the dialog didn't feel natural. Try to really listen to how kids around you or on TV talk and then imitate that in your writing. For example this sentence: I knew you moved in up the street and are now called Tom. might sound more natural like: I'd heard that'cha moved back and now are Tom not Tommy.

I really liked the idea behind your story./ How true what once may have irritated us can now be quite appealing. I think you did a nice job describing the quintessential teen trauma--matters of the heart. I also liked the message at the end of the story too. Nice job. Keep writing!