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Lovely entry with purposeful sentiment and meaning.

God Bless~
Moving. Nicely done.
Kept my attention. Whew! Nice.
This is a great story. You do a wonderful job of building the character. I could feel her pain.

It may be a tad weak on topic, though you do mention the cup in the end I fear out of the judging criteria the weakest may be whether it is on topic.

I do love the message and there have been many stories about drinking from Jesus' cup and this is definitely different and unique. I think you did a wonderful job of building the conflict and it was a delight to read.
You did an excellent job of setting the scene for this story with the vivid descriptions of the wet, wild weather. Also, your writing let me feel the pain and agony of this poor woman heart. I do think her acceptance of Jesus at the finish was a bit rushed, but I am glad it was a happy ending! :) There is an important message of forgiveness here!
I enjoyed this moving story. It was easy to feel the MC's emotions. I would have preferred you to end it with Even forgiving her. The 'quick' salvation ending seemed a little forced. (Just my opinion). Well done.
Powerful story. I found Even's return symbolic of God accepting us as sinners. I agree with the others that the MC didn't have quite enough information about Jesus yet in order to make a choice, but I think the ending could be fixed easily by just having her ask for more or something along those lines. Good job!
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level two!