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Awww. I loved this. Such a great story you've told. And, completely on topic. Clever and interesting. I enjoyed it so much. Thanks.

God bless~
You did a great job of storytelling. The suject matter is touching and interesting. I enjoyed this from beginning to end.
This is a sweet story. God is so wonderful the way he crafts people to come together as halves but make a perfect whole. You showcased that in this story. You had an intriguing beginning that made me want to continue to read.

The only red ink I have is some of the paragraphs could be broken into several smaller ones. Especially with these short stories, it's important to have smaller paragraphs as to not overwhelm the reader.

You did a fine job of covering the topic while still delivering an important message. I have quite a few health problems and have shut myself out of the real world. This story of hope reassures me that God does have a greater plan for me--a way to feel like I'm needed. You definitely captured that message with these two delightful characters.
I really enjoyed reading this story. It has a great beginning and I love your descriptions.

The thing I liked the most was the way you showed God answering the prayers of 2 people with the one solution. So often we look for answers to prayer alone; we don't consider that perhaps what God is wanting is us to commit to, and serve, another person - or, in the case of Grace, to trust someone enough to depend on them as our source of care.

This speaks volumes to me, would you believe a little of both ways! Thank you so much for your story, and for sharing it with us. Well done.
I thoroughtly enjoyed your article. It was on target and the story line was delightful. Thank you for sharing and God bless.