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Beautiful piece this. We often do not know what strength we have until we take a risk. I love it.
This is a great story. You tackled two tough issues bullying and eating disorders.

I wish the ending had been a real person rather than A mysterious stranger whiles have no doubt God sends angels it's overused a bit in the literary world.

You did a nice job covering the topic in a fresh way. Your title is the perfect mantra for teen girls everywhere. This would make great reading for every Middle School Student.
I got the chills reading this. I loved the ending...I know that angels exist and the Lord has used them in the Bible over and over, and continues to do so today.

Diabetes, a serious condition,(my niece has it since she was 2yrs 43 yrs old) and trying to lose weight to "fit in" and bullying! Wow - you fit it all all, excellent job.

I felt the pain of the MC and wanted to hug her so badly...Loved the entire entry. Fantastic job.

Thanks. God bless~
You covered two issues - diabetes and bullying - in your writing. I like the way you started with the sound of the machine and you just developed the story from there. It was really well done.
I loved this article. Please put a space between paragraphs. It helps the reader. This was a very powerful story about being an overweight diabetic and bullying. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
Hi -

Thank you -

Your piece expresses something that is so important to share. Society
places too much emphasis on the outward and not nearly enough on the inner aspects of people.

Some of the famous people are pressured to conform to society's "ideals." I feel sorry for those who feel the need to conform to what is vain and often unhealthy.

Yes, God desires that we get our worth from Him. His ideals are more important than any others.

Keep being the beautiful treasure that our Lord created.