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Thank you for this story. I too, am waiting and wondering for the man God has for me. :-)
This portrayed the character's feelings and pain very well. Good use of the storm throughout. It built with the mood of the story, but the end was wrapped up a little too neatly. I think it may have been better to just have the physical storm lighten up with out completely stopping. It would show her grief was changing for the better, but she would still have the internal struggle not completely satisfied.
One storm or another rages in the heart of all God's children. My sister has the same battle as your character- she is a single mother who longs to be a wife and a mother again. I also have a dear friend who has realized that God has not called her to be a wife or bear children. When we want things that may possibly not be in God's plan, the bitter anguish can crush us like a ton of bricks, until we can see our way clear to utter the words, "Thy will be done Lord." Thanks for sharing this wonderful true-to-life story!
Powerful! Only one who has been there can understand the depth and truth of this story. Paragraph seven is my favorite...we kill so many people with our sharp tongues. Too many do not realize that killing comes in many forms and death of the spirit is more painful than death of the body. Great work, thanks!
Many will grow in wisdom through the reading of your story. It is gripping and inspiring. If you would like, you can put the NIV attribution at the end of the entry so it won't distract the reader in the body of the story itself.
Praise the Lord! Thank you for writing this. So many times I have struggled with similar feelings--even about writing! Your expression of "what if what I long for isn't what God wants?" nails it. A few grammatical errors here and there, but a great job of writing.
Nice. Her longing is evident but in the end she, as we all must, gives it all back to the One who is in control. Good!
Shelley, I'm just popping in to let you know that you did very well in the Rain Challenge. You ranked 28th out of 147 entries, which is really excellent given the standard of entries. Be encouraged! Well done. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)