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Oh wow! This was wonderful. It truly and repeatedly evoked so many emotions and created so many images that could actually be felt. I really felt like was in your old neighborhood as friends moved from house to house. I could almost hear the crickets.

Your commentary on the changing times is so clear and very sound. You're right, stopping progress is a fruitless effort. But it is a shame that with all the advancements that attempt to "make our lives better" that we lose much of life's depth that those simplier times provided.

This was such an enjoyable and moving piece. Thank you so much!
This was a brilliant entry and was so alarmingly true.

It was spot on in topic and pulled me right along as if I was on a "tour of your neighborhood" from years past!

The imagery, the logic, and the explanations of the expulsion of "technological advancement" was compelling and honest.

Thank you for this. Great job! God Bless~
This essay was like a cool drink of water for my soul! Beautiful, beautiful writing! I love the contrast between the keys and the cricket, the car and the porch. Personally, I LONG for a neighborhood! I love small towns and rural lives for that very reason. This touched my heart. Wonderful!
This is a most enjoyable writing and so well written and the imagery is wonderful. I, also, can hear the crickets and I am taken to this neighborhood. I grew up on a farm, but it was almost the same feeling.

Beautiful story and the writing kept in step with the topic.
This had such a sense of longing to it. Great take on the topic and message that many share.
Congratulations Brian on a well deserved first place finish!
Hello Brian,
Congratulations on an excellent entry. This was a fabulous read. God Bless~
Amen to that and congrats on the win. I think most of us have the same general feeling toward social media. At least those who truly miss the way life was before it arrived to steal the joy of living and interaction away.