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Nicely done. I enjoyed this entry. You made a very good point in terms of man and his arrogance with this comment:
"Man in his own arrogance doesn’t always equate new technology to the creator of the universe, but I do, and I always will."

Good job - God Bless~

I could definitely identify with the MC. At times, it seems the computer is more of a nemesis than a friend.

I noticed in one paragraph you used the phrase True computer. At first I thought you meant computers that are real. A simple comma totally Changes the meaning of True, computers...

You did a nice job of covering the topic and you left me smiling. Nicely done.
This was an interesting read. I'm guessing based on your actual experiences?

There were a handful of basic grammatical errors. If you don't have a buddy group, you might consider joining one, as they probably would have pointed them out.

"True computers made my job easier ... " Without a comma after "true". it sounds like the "true kind of computers" make your job easier ... as opposed to the false one?! :)

" ... words such as spam and ram has different meanings." The word "has" should be "have".

Your last sentence does not fit at the end. It should be somewhere else in the piece, if anywhere at all (though I do like it). Ending with the previous paragraph is a much stronger ending.

All in all, this was a nice read. New technology can be difficult for someone used to living without it. My grandmother, to this day, refuses to get an answering machine. Of course, that's old news anyway. So now she refuses to have voicemail (let alone a computer, email, cell phone, etc.) I'm 42 and get frustrated every time facebook changes or my computer is upgraded and things don't work quite the same way they used to!

Nice job! God bless. :)
I very enjoyable read and I appreciate you sharing your journey into "Techno-Land." It reminded me of how technology, when used properly, really can provide opportunities for learning that might not otherwise exist.

Thanks for the piece ... keep writing!