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Moms are great friends! And so is Jesus, nothing is ever too big or too small for Him to help with.
This made me laugh, because it's almost a picture of me some days! What a blessing mums can be to frazzled daughters who are trying to be mums themselves to little kids (and a dog that pees on the floor!).

And what great advice the mum gave the daughter, that no matter what we are never alone and can always call on Jesus to listen to our burdens.

Thanks for the humour and the reality displayed in this entry. Well done!
This was such a sweet and light-hearted reminder that our troubles don’t have to be earth shattering for us to go talk to Jesus, just as we would a loving parent. He cares about ALL of our problems big or small.

Being comforted by mom and Jesus, beautiful combination! Thoroughly enjoyed this read!
This was great. Something everyone can relate to. You did a great job painting a picture ( except my dog pees ON the floor not IN it):)` My mom was my best friend and I miss not being able to turn to her on tough days. My only suggestion would be the end felt a bit preachy. Maybe you could soften it a little by having Mom pray. Although mothers have been known to give mini sermons, as the reader it felt a tad like you were lecturing me. This is just my opinion though and it may be what others need. This is very well-written and I think it'll resonate with many. Outstanding job of showing!
A very enjoyable read. Moms are angels and they always gave the best advice. I love how mom pointed the daughter to Jesus. He is the best friend ever.