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This was so entertaining, and being an avid animal lover, I totally relate to the Vet escapades! Altogether delightful and a brilliant way of pulling together the most important of all - GOD. Our very trust in Him, by submitting our all to Him we will always be in perfect peace and harmony! I loved this! Excellent story - Great job! God Bless you, and your little precious ones!
Priceless! I sat here laughing out loud at the antic of all concerned. Poor Max displayed his ingenuity in handling the situation. A very enoyable read and I loved how you brought God into your story. Well done.
Such a cute story! I wonder if these cats are still a part of your family. I'm sure you have many more stories where they are concerned. Well done!
can't say any more than what's been said! delightful and inspiring. I resemble the cat in the cage! it sounds like my biography! LOL
Such a delightful story. You told it very well. The ending comparison is right on target and your article is right on topic. Thanks for sharing.
I love this story - especially having shared a similar experience. Now I have a cat who is aptly described as a "nice sized rock." I call her Catundra. Thanks for the story.
I can never understand how animals seem to know that they are on the way to the vets. I have had so many experiences similar to yours (not quite so dramatic though) that I can entirely relate.
I love your story.

Loved your choice of words from the title to the "gravitational technique"! You painted a word picture for all of us that was delightful (for us) though not for you.

BTW, I just used your "technique" a couple of weeks ago.
Oh I am so happy to see this earned a first place win! I loved it...Congratulations, and God Bless you~