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I really enjoyed this sweet little girl's dilemma. The characters are adorable and the dialog felt real and believable. I did notice you switched tenses, sometimes you spoke in the present, others in the past. I love children's stories and you had a great conflict and resolution

My only suggestion might be to let the adults give clues but have the little girl figure out the answer by herself. Kids have adults telling them what to do all the time and the most successful children's story will be the ones where the child comes up with the solution. With a little polishing I think you could easily submit this to a magazine. Great job.
This is wonderful. I would love to read more about this little girl. This little girl's true obstacle are the adults in her life who don't take her seriously enough. Her questions are important. The little girl's dignity is too. Great story.
I liked how you got into the MC's head and "thought" like a little girl. Probably a little weak on the topic but nicely done.
Poor little girl. I felt frustrated for her. Why couldn't she walk to the other side? Why was she just now wondering what was on the other side? I think maybe something new needs to be going on over there to give it interest or maybe she needs to have just moved there to make it more believable for me.

She is a cute little girl and I admire her persistence:)
This is an excellent premise for a children's book!
I would ditch the second last sentence. It felt tacked on for the topic's sake.
Good dialogue.
Very, very nice! Keep writing.
I really enjoyed this story and you created the "child's voice" extremely well. The voices of the people she speaks to also come across as very authentic. Great writing!
Delightful and poignant. It can be so easy as parents to dismiss our kids and their questions, which in our busyness can seem so trivial. This would be a lovely children's story, well done!
750 words present a challenge. I love your use of dialogue in this story. I can picture the girl going from adult to adult without a satisfying answer. But the word limit comes into play at the end. I felt the final explanation fell a bit short. We never fully understand what is beyond the wall. We get the idea of paradise from the little girl, but nothing concrete. I agree with the others, this would make a great story if you expanded it some. I guess I'm old school. I like neat, tidy endings that resolve the conflicts of the story. I pictured her living in a city in a house with a large wall encircling it for protection. Not really paradise. Perhaps Mollie could have suggested the idea of paradise - not sure.

I noticed a couple of places where you should add some punctuation - where Misty yawns and Mollie's explanation of what's beyond the wall.

Again, fantastic story, just a little weak on the ending. Thanks for posting it.
And your second chapter will be??? Very enjoyable, as others have noted, because you have caught the mindset of curiosity and frustration within a child and developed the interaction very well.
Oh, I think this is a winner! Even a Masterpiece! I think you've really hit the topic right on the head. The little girl is Everyone, seeking for answers ahead of the time. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied! I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!
Nicely written and a pleasurable read. I like the voice of the MC and how the story is presented in a light-hearted manner. Good job!