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Oh, man. You're too good. I'm jealous of you with UNGodly jealousy (j/k)... teach me to write like you!
This was the only one to keep my rivited and if others like it as much as I did, you'll be a winner twice in a row - or even more.
You're such a sweet lady and God has possessed you with enormous talent. I mean it... you go out there sister and you use this AMAZING ability for good.
There is NO WAY this is Intermediate! :D
I love your stuff. Perfectly edited, perfectly written and I was perfectly smitten with every word that dropped like honey from your keyboard.
Wow. I'm longing for your next inspiring entry... (and I have never said that to another writer on here before) but it's true.
Ah... I need air! :D
Wow! You really brought the characters to life. Each of their personal heartaches were portrayed true to life. I ache for both of them. Neither heartache would be easy to bear. Great story, great writing!
I agree: this was incredible. A beautiful rendition of a well-known Bible story. You realitically captured the emotions of all players. Well done.
WOW, where is the rest of this book? You are amazing and I agree you should move to level 3! touched my heart so....wher has true romance gone in life? awesome writing!
Such a powerful portryal of a woman's desire and the gift of children. Congratulations on a beautifully written article. You are a gifted writer!
I agree with everyone. This is a powerful article with very well thought out voices!
Great job - no, that's not strong enough. AMAZING job!!!
Fruit of the womb, eh. That's an interesting take on 'fruit' - well done. You have a beautiful gift with words. I especially loved the scene with the mandrakes and the lyrical poetry and the contrast then with the bitterness, "Livid with raw emotion the sisters glared at each other - one crippled with an empty heart, the other an empty womb."

Just beautiful.
Fruit of the womb! The best kind! I enjoyed this thoroughly!!!
This story kept my interest until the end. Very good.

A good portrait of what it could have been like to be locked in that very painful three-some. Good job, and good intertwining of the fruit theme.
Lisa Smith
It was just a tad too much for me, as a young unmarried woman, but very well written and a good glimpse into the lives the three must have lead! :-)
EXCELLENT!! Did I say it was excellent? What I meant is that it is excellent. :o)
Excellent stuff. Well written and gripping.
Excellent, excellent, excellent! Wow! This was so well written! Gripping, poignant, beautiful, tragic - gooooood job!