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I loved your story and the title was perfect. I wonder how many have fallen from their upbringing into this wicked old world of sin. Each must learn their lessons in life and God is always there ready to pick us up and give us hope.
A reality that is more active than many know. Well told and redemptive ending.
great story and so well written I love the "mountain" inferences and the story is so believable. you unfold it so well.Getting the reader to be curious and ask questions about the story like why did he go back to drinking and then answer them as the story goes on. i love the way it ends with hope and that your character is brought back to reality by the young teenager he could identify with and that he refound his purpose and hope and meaning for life.this is a winner for me and bang on subject.
Wow. Well done. I was a bit confused at whether the teen who visited the former youth pastor was real, or an image of himself earlier in years, as he came face to face with his pain. What I like about this is that you showed how all of us, even in fields of ministry, are still frail humans, who need a healing touch from the Lord. I don't know if you have ever heard of a class that covers this problem we each face but it's called, "Bridging the Gap." I took it once but need to retake it again as it helps us to recover from brokenness or neglect and come to terms with issues and unforgiveness, so we can be restored and not pass on the generational curses and iniquities. Great job on writing this!
Thank you for all your wonderful comments!! I wouldn't normally comment on my own piece but I did want to clarify that it is the man when he was younger and not actually a teenager at his door--a dream visit from the part of him that never healed and was still hurting. I kept it slightly vague so it wasn't like an "it was all a dream--just kidding" kind of thing. Thank you thank you again for all the brilliant encouragement :)
You did a great job with a difficult topic. The death of a lobed one whether a surprise or not can send a person spotsling out of control. How blessed we are that Jesus loves us so much.
well done jessica a winner for me and a inner for those judges so up you go to the next level for the next quarter :-)
Nice job! Congrats on your 1st place. This was a really great story.