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I loved this story! Very simple and yet very powerful, too. I will certainly remember this if (when!) I am becoming a "Jemima Grump" :-)
That's an interesting piece. The message is simple yet powerful
What a lovely story. I have a bubbly personality and I laugh, smle and say hello to strangers and they respond in kind. I loved how you bought Ms Grump and Miss Sunshine together. Thanks for sharing.
Gorgeously well done. I'd love to see this story illustrated, and to read it to my niece and nephew!
I love this delightful children's story-I could easily picture the pictures that would go with each scene. Although normally repeating the word over and over is distracting. But for a picture book it is perfect as it brings the Child into the story and she can help "read " along. Nice job.
It made me smile and think of our cat, Saulite. Her name means 'Little Sunshine' in Latvian. Simply and clearly told a great candidate for an illustrated book. Loved the number symbolism.
Lovely! I'll remember this one in the "grumpy" moments.
You did a super job with this children's story with, I might add, an message for adults as well. I could see this turning into a Seuss type publication...Jemima Grump thumped to her red car got in,and sat on her rump ... rump Maybe not:-0 You illustrated in no uncertian terms what a simple smile can do. Thanks!
Beautifully descriptive style that carries a great sense of fun and suspense. It has all the hallmarks of a children's series - a "Miss" Men (?) - unless Roger Hargreaves "Suess" you for muscling in on his territory. Very enjoyable read.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level two!