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That was beautiful. Well written, a sure winner in my mind. Great characterization.
Very good the ending! I wouldn't be suprised to see a blue ribbon on this one. Well done!
I loved the boys in the cornfield teasing the farmer about his wife. Loved the ending-butterfly kisses are the best!

Really enjoyed reading this... especially the "surprise" that he was at his wife's grave... loved the curve (although sad... what an awesome reminder to us to tell our loved ones every day). Thanks and blessings, Amy
Very well done. Good believable characters with fitting dialogue. Good twist in the story to find the wife was dead. An important message to say what you feel before it is too late. Well done.
This was beautifully written, and you have a real flair for both dialog and description. I'm not positive that young boys would really notice or care about how much their dads say "I love you," though. A minor detail; I really liked this story.
What a beautiful story. Bitter-sweet, uplifting...this is lovely, really lovely. Wonderful! God bless.
The dialogue held my attention well, I could pciture the boys and the farmer. The twist, I thought he was neeting his wife with an armful of flowers. I cried too when he cried! Excellent writing.
I liked your characters and story very much. I might have stopped with the statement "He hadn't even cried when she died." But I liked the butterfly ending also, Hmmm... You did good!
I enjoyed the story and the setting but wonder if the boys' dialogue is realistic. I have 5 boys and I can't imagine them having this kind of conversation with anyone. However, it is a lovely reminder to tell those closest to us that we love them. Keep writing.
I don't know how, but i knew she was dead. It just kind of had that tone. I agree with the other one about stopping at the "even when she had died". It makes for a very powerful story.
How often do we withhold our praise and love from those who would benefit from the hearing. We must give others their "flowers" while they are still alive! A very nice article:)
A great sense of place. You really made me care about the farmer and how he felt. Too true that we often wait until it's too late to let people know how we feel.
The first part was really fun, and then it became so touching. You set the scene just beautifully. You write very well.
A delightfully bittersweet read!
I agree with Jan's comment completly. Your dialog was writen well, but left me wondering why two young boys would be having that conversation in a corn field. Maybe if there was some info leading to it? Overall very well written. Good job!
Donnah - Congratulations! This was lovely, and earned its 1st place and its Editors Choice place. God bless.
Congratulations Donnah - you are on a roll, and it's time to move up to Level 3. You are definitely ready for it.

I was judging for "Flowers," and when I read your entry, I wrote, "AWWWWW - what a winner! This was near perfect - humorous, heartwarming and well told."

Donnah, you have a gift with story-telling. Keep honing that skill and I know you'll continue to go from strength to strength.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Congratulations, Donnah for your win. I loved the surprise ending and thought your dialog was well written. A feel-good story with a message we all need to hear. Love in His name, Karen
What a great read. Hmmm.. I'm not sure if I want you up in advanced though - the competition is already tuff enuff! LOL.