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An underground "Christian" railroad -- hmmmm, unfortunately, an all-too-realistic possibility for America! Great dialogue and comparisons between roses and Christ!
I really like this, unfortunately it is too true.
Ya had me hooked from the beginning. Sometimes I like to scan, but I couldn't with this. You brought out a sad, but very real point in a powerful way.
Well-done, and a very creative way to approach the topic.
What a picture this made in my mind! Totally a different take on the theme. I loved it. Your characters were portrayed very well.
Good job! Great take on a time so possible! Looks like we both had the sorta, kinda, almost same idea! tee hee! :)
Great story! Well-portrayed characters, and great suspense. Well done.
Great job. Kept me reading to the end.
This was very suspenseful. I had to keep reading because I wanted to know more! An underground railroad.When persecutions have occurred in this country's checkered past, God has always made a way of escape! Thanks for sharing.
Very good story- and love the young boy's name (we have a Joshua as well :)
Wow - intrigue - drama - suspense - well done! I too loved the significance of the rose.
I was initiailly confused because downunder, a 'cot' is what babies sleep in - why would you put a grown woman in one? But I loved this and thought it very well done. As others have pointed out, a very real possibility. Great work.
Shannon, it was a terrific, imaginative read and very good take on the topic. The only problem I hit when reading it was that because you wrote it in the first person (Rosie's viewpoint), it hit a glitch when her husband left the room and the events were then being narrated, but from his viewpoint. Perhaps Rose followed him, but it only shows him leaving the room. The point of view problem is really obvious with this sentence: "Charlie wanted to scream from the mountaintops." Even if Rose was with him, as the narrator of events at that time, she couldn't know for certain what he was thinking.

Other than that though, it was another very good story. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)