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This could well make a great novel as there is much foundation for development.
I couldn't let it go until I found out the conclusion. That is surely what the reviewers term 'riveting' Cheers P.
Thank you for an interesting story. You covered the challenge perfectly. Good job and keep writing.
I agree with the first comment. This idea could be developed into a novel. Good story!
You managed to get a lot of details in so few words. Suspense is my favorite genre, I hope you keep writing and even develop this into a novel.
Full of suspense. Enjoyed this very much. Just one suggestion. Instead of using diary all the time, you could also use journal, especially when they appear close together. But excellently written and captivating. Keep writing!
I found myself skipping words in my hurry to get to the ending - excellent writing! This had believable action and dialogue and kept the reader guessing - great job!
Dear Ruth, I agree with the comments. You have the talent to write a great novel. I write nonfiction; I'm a terrible fiction writer. I don't want to get my characters into a lot of trouble. If I do, I don't know how to get them out. You have that ability. Go for it!