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Very different and unique. I was excited as I read it, but perhaps it ended almost too abruptly? I was expecting Irma to continue talking even after being consumed, and maybe offer a life lesson. That's how inventive the story began, because it opens to a wide range of possibilities. Thanks for a light-hearted read.
Ha ha ha! Very clever! Great job.
Uhh... it's a cute idea, but I'm not sure what you're getting at with it. The ending seems pretty short and sudden.
This was good for a giggle or two. I just wished you had done more with it. I was enjoying myself immensely and felt disappointed when it ended.
Troy, this was a unique article and I'm glad I came back to read it (again). It makes me wonder what else is in your mind with this story. It was a bit abrupt but somehow it worked. Your writing is unique and there are layers of meaning and depths that are. I think reading your work as a "collection" would give insight into your quircky take on life and tongue-in-cheek reflections that make us laugh at ourselves as well. Look forward to reading more of your writing...keep it up, it's very good.
I love it, short or not. You've managed to inspire me to crave a hotdog. I liked your sentences and sense of humor. Your MC didn't have any mushrooms before the hotdogs, did he? Just wondering. Funny piece. God bless.
*dies laughing* I loved your opening sentence! Yes, it did make me go "hunh?" but it also kept me reading. A little more content and a little more meaning might not be a bad thing, but I still liked it as it is. Thank you. :)
Chucke, chuckle and then...LOL!

Admire the originality in your sense of humor with this!

Yes, I too was looking for it to continue, because...I was enjoying it, but that being said....was still a great ending.