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Wow this is a very powerful piece. I can feel the anguish and the raw emotion.

I was confused at first, I found myself rereading the first couple of paragraphs.I think you meant to say a breath (noun) or to breathe (verb)in the beginning.

This piece must have been difficult to write. It doesn't matter if it's all fiction or based on fact; it had to take a good deal of courage to write it.
This is so emotionally power packed! I so liked your sentence: Dysfunctional enough to avoid the embrace of comfort that the others might give, and functional enough to need it.
You captured the feelings so very well.Those days are the hardest here on earth. May God Bless you. Ruth
I felt your pain, as i read every brought back to my mind my memories of my mother and her last days. As it was a sad time. it was also a jpyful one as her pain and suffering was taken away. The reality of worldly death is hard...but the Spirits return to the Lord is such a blessed time.
I enjoyed the poem as it reminded me at the end of the peace i felt at my mothers bedside.
POWERFUL and so touching. It reminded me of my mothers death. Dysfunctional family and all. Thank God for Kleenex. They sit next to my computer. Keep writing. God bless for this story.
You could have been "the fly on the wall" when my own mother passed away. It brings back strong memories and reflections on that day, but not necessarily in a bad way. Thanks for sharing this emotional-packed story.
Well told story filled with raw emotion, one too many have experienced and will relate to.