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You had me right from Plip, plip, plip--I loved that beginning!

And, "Mr. Napkin-Around-His-Chin," I loved that too.

Your writing style is entertaining (made me laugh) and a joy to read.
I adored this. Great start, carried me all the way through, I was so caught up in it-- right until the very end.

I understood when I got to the last line, but when I read whiskers- I thought cat, then I thought old man? old geezer librarian... then, nope, oooh it's supposed to be dream guy- brain edit. okay, now it makes sense.

now, that might all be me, I'm reading this close to 11p, but it was perfection until I got there.

Even so-- I really loved this!!
I love your title. I wondered what the story had to do with the theme, but, of course the library was the place where she would find her heart's desire.
It was a nice humorous story. I chuckled a lot but the loudest at the line when she entered the library maybe she'd find something she liked and take it home.

I noticed a typo thee instead of three. But that's an easy fix.

Nice job on tying in the topic in the end while subtly allowing the reader to know where she was headed.
"Maybe she’d find something she’d like there and take it home." I enjoyed this story and the style very much, from beginning to the end. Good job in placing one of the top three. Congratulations.