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This was really beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the blessing!
Touching story, but I do have a suggestion. There are many places where Annie or Julie was used over and over and became a bit distracting. I think it could be smoothed out by replacing some of them with pronouns. The plot was very good though.
What a refreshing take on the topic and so very well written. It was engaging and touching. Especially liked your phrase: as she closed her eyes upon this earth for the last time.

I suspect this will be your last article in level 2. :)
I enjoyed this. I thought it would be the story of Annie's life, but I liked how you made it about Julie, too. The ending was very touching. I think every Christian desires to get a favorable review from our Master.
I loved how you used Annie's life as the manuscript. Thank you for the inspiring story! Congratulations on "Highly Recommended."