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WOW and AMEN! This was superbly done and you left me with many thoughts to ponder. Thank You and Good Writing!
This is a great message and Jesus is the ultimate wow factor.
Nicely written devotional.

Teensy recommendation--instead of using all-caps for emphasis, consider using italics instead. There are instructions on formatting italics in HTML in the forums on this site (link at the top of the page--then scroll to FAQ at the bottom of the forums page). Or if you can't find that, send me a PM and I'll talk you through it.

This was expertly written.
Oh, the wonder of speaking someone's name! When someone we love speaks our name it fills us with unspeakable joy. How much more when the Lord of the universe speaks our name and we know that He loves us! That truly is "wow!" Great devotional piece.
Loved the title and most of the content. One little stickler though, where is it in scripture that says Mary Magdalene was an ex-prostiute? I have heard this over and over again but as far as I know it is not in the scriptures. Yes, seven demons were cast out of her but I know people today that could beat that number and they are not prostitutes :). Everyone knows I am a guardian for the accuracy of scripture.