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I've been on the chair,too. It is a funny eek moment, but scary at the moment.I enjoyed your reminiscing.
Although I've read several variations on this story, this one's one of the most appealing.

I think the strongest section is the middle--some of the intruductory material and the conclusion could be trimmed and the rest expanded, perhaps to develop the plot or the characters a bit more.
Oh, I can feel your fright! I think that would have been enough to send me scurrying back to bed! I had a similar experience a year ago when I opened up my dishwasher - and found it inhabited by a little rodent! I about had a heart attack! I enjoyed your reminiscing!
Delightful! A bit of a grammar problem with "Run"...but otherwise a cute, funny and memorable moment to look back and savor. Nice job.
A very cute recollection. There were a couple of minor editing issues - a forgotten apostrophe, using then instead of than, but they can all be fixed easily and did not subtract from the delightful tale you told. I could picture you clearly on your stool. Your husband was right your expression was priceless. Thanks for sharing in such vivid details.