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Hilarious! Very enjoyable reading and well-written.
This whole scene unfolded in my mind as I read this with a chuckle. Anyone with kids can certainly sympathize with this little boy's mother. Great job at bringing your words to life.
Been there and Done that! Red faced and fast getaways! In a crowded elevator, my little one says loudly "Somebody in here is stinky, momma." Ah, Yes! The honesty of children is always a fun read. Well written, also. Excellent job - on topic.
The dialogue was good. It helped me picture the whole scene.believable characters.
Not sure of the spiritual lesson, but it was a nice read.
This one made me laugh out loud! Great piece!
Me too - been there, got the grey hair to show for it. :-) Very funny with believable dialogue. Nice job.
This story was absolutely delightful. I laughed many times and cringed right along with the MC. I've always said whoever invented Mother's Day was not a mother. Great job, I suspect we'll soon see you in level 3.
Excellent weaving of dialogue and description, very smoothly done. Great humor!
Oh, so very, very funny!
I enjoyed the story all the way through--kept wondering if maybe some of it actually happened--know four-year-olds. Humor done well here.
LOL - This was great! I so admire those able to capture real life humor as you have done.
Great real life humor! And very well written too :-)
Amusing and so true to real life. But what are you supposed to do - it is life being lived after all. I think the woman leaving could very well have said, he who laughs last, laughs loudest. Your last line was a great summation, easily understood.
Too funny! There's just no hushing a 4-year old, huh? I didn't quite believe the parents forgetting he didn't know how to use a knife. The rest was so well written and a joy to read.
Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition. This was indeed a fun story to read, I laughed several times.
When you finish passing the gas would you PLEASE cut the cheeze!

I loved it! Isn't it amazing how our children's bravado can teach us such humility.