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Thank you for sharing this story. I lived outside Washington, D.C. where I worked for nearly 25 years. If you have never driven in rush hour traffic you cannot relate to the sheer aggravation that goes with it. And the nearly missed accidents are nerve rattling.
Keep writing and God bless.
I get it, nothing is by happenstance with God. Good job.
Great story. Isn't it wonderful when the blessings of obeying those promptings are shown to us?
Thought provoking story. There were a few tense changes from past to present that confused me. Also, the part toward the end with the accident lost a little of the narrative voice I was enjoying. Try balancing the piece so that word count doesn't force you to cut corners at the end.
It's amazing what God's grace can do for us. I often wonder when I make a mistake like that, if God helped me avert something horrific. It was a nice change of pace, very different from most of the stories.

Great story and I could see where it was headed.
I frequently go the wrong way by "accident" and often wonder what God had protected me from. Also, when you are running late, and then an accident had already occurred on your route. It could have been you there. God is indeed Awesome!
I've often wondered how many of those moments we acculumate in a lifetime?

I've started a thread in the message boards specifically for Beginner and Intermediate writers, and I'd love to have you stop by.
I also often wonder if we missed an accident by being late or some other calamity. We really don't know what goes on that we can't see. Great lesson! Use the advise that people are giving to sharpen your writing and you'll do well!
A good story that makes one think about God's presence in our everyday lives. Thank you. Patty
Very thought-provoking! Some day we will know how many times God has protected us unknowingly.
Wow, amazing story. Isn't it funny how we never notice the hand of God in the fire of the moment. Oh but when we look back . . . we can see Him in everything, crystal clear.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Good job!
Great story with an awesome message
Amazing how often we are lost in the mundane, while God is right there handling the important stuff.