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I really enjoyed this story...very touching. It is in the little things, like a smile, that we can understand so much.
A beautifully written story. I think it stands well on its own, without the note at the end. Just my opinion. Good job.
Beautifully written piece filled with sentiments.
In my opinion, this entry does NOT belong in intermediate! GREAT writing, original idea, spot on topic, and a story that grabbed me and held my interest til the last line. I'll be surprised if this doesn't place.
:) Cat
I agree with Cat...this is a very well-done story. Caught my attention and held it. Great work!
Love blossoms when we see the vulnerability of the other. What a powerful message. This is so well written and held my attention throughout. I especially liked this keen observation given by the MC: "I remember my mother’s tears of joy at the matchmaker’s announcement. I cried too, some from joy, some from fear, some from an indefinable feeling of loss. I was truly an adult now."
It says a lot about the author and their insights into human emotions.
Ohh-WONDERFUL! I love the details in here, and especially the voice of your MC, it's just perfect! The touch of romance made this into a truly enjoyable read. Great job!
Well done on an excellent entry.