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This is very powerful! A retreat *is* meant to enable us to know for sure the will of God...and that is exactly what Jesus found in the garden. Good capturing of this truth!
Evocative and heart-stirring. You have a gift for communicating God's truth in a powerful way.
Very captivating piece! You bring clarity to a powerful time in history. You connect emotion with reality. Good job. Keep writing.
Chills & tears! Excellent!
Well done. Thanks.
Powerfully told. The mood of this story is still with me. The reality of His suffering is convicting.
I enjoyed the inclusion of an angel in this story. Your very last sentence should not have been a run-on as it needs to be poweful and impactful. Run-ons tend to make the reader squint and have to reread.
Well done. I had a strange desire to see the last paragraph broken up as in poetry. There was so much in that one sentence that needed several re-readings to grasp it all. Keep writing. This was good.
Very powerful. And the title is perfect too. Well done.
A beautiful article -- almost like a prose poem. Well written and one of the best I have seen on this subject.
Janice 85