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Gosh very powerful feelings described here. I found it quite painful to read particularly the part where the writer feels that God has somehow violated her. And I had questions not answered that left me dissatisfied. What happened in the canoe? wea she raped|? I was still puzzling over this when the writer teurned to naomi. I think I would have likes more description of the first story (well maybe) rather than adding in another that didnt quite fit. just my view.
I can totally relate to the MC's anguish of feeling that God has been unfaithful, that God has violated her trust in Him. You described that pain so well, and also the tough journey back, with God, to a place of joy and hope.

I think the story could be even more powerful if you stayed with the MC's journey instead of bringing in Naomi - that siderailed the emotions of the piece.

Thanks for acknowledging this very real part of a Christian's life.
You know you are writing well when you get strong reactions from other readers :)
Well done for being so brutally honest. It is not easy to admit to feeling betrayed by God, yet I'm sure it is a commoner emotion than most Christians dare admit. Also not to be happy to be pregnant is kind of 'not kosher', but it is a very common experience. What makes us different from unbelievers is what we DO with these emotions. And you did the right thing; sought the road back to His side.

I struggled with the image of being violated by God, BUT if that is genuinely how strongly you felt then no one has the right to quibble with you writing it. Just do be aware of what effect you will have on your readers.

Lastly, unlike the other readers, I liked the way you brought Naomi into the tale. Yes, you left unanswered questions about your own story, BUT you showed us where you found YOUR answers. And the answers are always, ultimately, in God's Word.
Well done, and thanks for having the courage to write like this.
Wow - I'm not sure how to respond except to say that I appreciate your honesty in how you reacted to God - the title is so appropriate - I think one that a lot of us can relate to. Thanks for sharing - especially the Naomi story - a reminder that when we're going through rough times, others have too, and are. Thanks too for the reminder of how we need to be with each other during those times. Kudos
This was so powerful. Whoa! The title was perfect. Broken dreams and the ugliness of life. I wanted more because it did leave me wondering. Thanks for sharing the ups and down of life.
Let me say from the start
that I find this story refreshing and not shocking at all! I fully understand the feelings you described and have no problem admitting that I have felt helpless against the power of the Lord's will sometimes in my own life. But that only means that God has a path for me that my puny human eyes can't see the full end of! And it IS a long journey back to fully feeling trust and faith. When my late husband went to heaven, and I was "left" with our 4 year-old son, I had a real love/dislike (I won't say hate-it wasn't that)relationship with God during those dark days of grieving. Know what I felt from God? Acceptance--and understanding and an endless loving wooing of my spirit close to His so He could comfort me. I railed against that comfort sometimes, but Oh! How it healed my soul! Your story is perfect just the way it is.