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I really, really like this--I feel as if I was peeking in on your soul, a little bit, and it was a tender and gentle read.
You honored all the elements of your relationship with your mother, your loss and our God. This was a blessing to read.
good story very poignient
Thank you for sharing your touching story. I grew up in Southern Michigan but have lived in another state for years. My mother passed away a few years ago. I miss her.
So far in my life I haven't had to deal with death of a close loved one. But when I read this line - "But I am learning to be gentle with my heart and to listen to the child that still lives in my soul, to hold her close and let her grieve. And in doing so, I honor my love, my grief, and the memory of my mother." - I just felt God nudging me to store this truth away for future use. Well said.
I wish I could have had such a wonderful relationship with my mother, I got the opposit. This too makes me think of my father, He passed over ten years ago, complications of MS, I still miss him greatly though his train to glory was a welcome site, for now he suffers no more, heaven is the ultimate healing, and he can walk and even run again. No more wheel chair to more cane or walker, not even a limp or an ache. I can't wait to see him stand again and give me a hug. Wonderful insight on your mother!!!