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I'm not sure if I understood the ending or not. I read it several times. Either Ameng left, and didn't come back--or the storm took Nanoy. Not sure. I liked the story, but got a little confused at the end. Enjoyed reading. God bless ya, littlelight
Interesting story. I hope I'm right in assuming that Ameng has acepted work in another country and Nonoy has hidden his mother's passport because he doesn't want her to go. Has she made the right choice? I was hoping that she would change her mind. Fascinated by the title and the way the storm 'materializes' into Ameng: interesting imagery. Keep writing!
Fasinating imagery, such a sad story. I enjoyed the taste of another land.
I don't think any amount of money could make me leave my children. What a heartbreaking story!
I loved this piece. It is so sad ... but so real. Well, situations like this. The things some people do to make a better future for their children ... so hard. I really liked the imagery of the storm and the scene as she searched for the passport, and then the storm in her heart as she went to earn some money to provide for little Nanoy. WELL DONE!