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Clever approach to the topic, and a cool way of getting some history across in a non-teachy way.

Maybe a nod of acknowledgement to C. S. Lewis would be in order?

Fantastic writing chops!
Wow, what a unique take on the topic. Thanks for the interesting lesson within this story, too!
Very skilled writing. I agree that a dedication to C.S. Lewis would be in order, since his Screwtape Letters inspired this, but I like how you took inspiration from him and crafted a great story all your own. There was a lot of good history inserted in here too. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this.
Congratulations Josiah, on your 1st Place! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Your writing is coming along in leaps and bounds. Fantastic!
Well, Josiah, I believe you are rising to a wonderful level of creativity. As God is the ultimate CREATOR, He gives us an ability to see where only HE can see. And, you have magnificent sight.