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I like the symbolism of the white and black--and how you turned it around!

I was a bit puzzled by her description as "beautiful"--she seemed a bit large to be beautiful most standards of beauty.

Wonderful that she had a good choice provided...and that she took it!
Interesting story. I think the mc's beauty was in her heart and it shone through!
Well done and lovely ending.
Good characterizations. Nice job. :)
Very interesting. I also liked the two choices you presented so clearly and am glad she chose the good path.
This is a powerful story about a very real issue affecting many Eastern European women. I am glad your MC had a choice. It also seemed her faith was an anchor for her and protected her from making the wrong choice, which was a nice touch.
I liked how you brought out the horrible truth about what many of these women have to endure just to survive. I wish all of them had a way of escape just as this woman in your story had. Good job!