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Interesting information that most Americans probably don't know. Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for this tiny chunk of interesting historical trivia!

I don't think we'll ever forget that hat...
Brief, yet informative. Thanks for the trivia. My son learned the history of that song in his 3rd grade history a couple weeks ago. Very interesting.
Hey, am I the only person in the world to have missed the inauguration? Sorry but I've been on the road and there aren't too many televisions round here!
On an entirely serious note, I would have loved for you to expand your story and fill in some of the gaps. It's clearly written as a commentary for those who watched the performance. But what about those of us who missed it? What else did Aretha wear besides the hat? How well did she sing? What was the response? Is there is a link between the song and your comment about Obama's 'coronation'?
Maybe some food for thought there for future writing
Not sure which topic is your topic. Aretha's song choice, Areatha's hat, or history of the song. In all, how does it relate to the topic? There's been so much talk about her hat which is sooo funny. That style of hat has been worn in African-American churches for years. Just another obvious difference between ethnic groups.