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This one made me laugh out loud-- in all the right places... the bulls of Pampaloma on her heels, the little red monkey.. and of course, the heart melted right along with the harried dad as he sees his little girl for the first time. Good work!
Wonderful, humorous voice...I love the self-deprecating humor.

I'm thinking this will be marked down for being on-topic, as it's not really about Christmas Caroling or Christmas Carols (despite its very clever twist).

You're a very gifted writer; I expect to see you moving up in the ranks soon.
I loved this! It really held my attention.
I agree about it not being quite on topic, though see how you incorporated it in the naming of the child. I enjoyed the telling and humour of the story.
This is humorous and the voice of the MC was truly believeable. Glad his attitude changed when he saw his "Christmas Carol."

Yea, not exactly on topic, but I liked this all the same.
How sweet. :) Nice writing on the mood of this story - could feel for the "harried" MC. :)
I enjoyed reading this -- the humour, the tenderness in the end. Beautifully told.