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This was a sweet telling of your treasured memory. Family time, especially in the midst of God's beautiful creation, can never have a price tag.
I'd be interested in knowing how the next trip to the beach went.
Very nice writing, enjoyable story and experience.
God bless, littlelight
Some very nice memories. It would be great to read more about their time in Romania (I have a good friend from college from there).
This reads sort of like a documentary. I almost expected it to keep going.....!
Very sweet. I loved the title; and now and forevermore will think of Myrtle Beach as a beach named Myrtle! :0)
I love this and felt like I was there at times. It is so wonderful when families love and respect each other but best all when they like each other and know how to have fun together. I would like join you folks on your next vacation, only kidding! Thanks for sharing and a good job!
Another excellent story with vibrant scenes, etc. But, as a reader I don't need to know that you are telling me a story that your son and daughter-in-law took part in. I just want the story. So tell it as if from their point of view. Make it real time. ie: The jet touched down in Romania. I was nervous. I'd never been so far from home.... etc. You can still convey the events as you wrote about them but it would be so much more alive written a bit differently.