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This was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful life, exactly as the Scripture described. You did a great job of showing us Kathy. I would loved to have known her.
My favorite part is where she's reading the books with the kids. I could see it. I like the freeze frames too. And then her 'kids' turn around a minister to Margo. Very uplifiting.
Tender and emotional tribute. Great way to unfold the story of her life and approach the topic at the same time. Well done.
What a lovely tribute to a beautiful woman of God. If only we could all have a Kathy in our lives... if only we could all be a Kathy to others. Great job, well done.
Very creative structure! I enjoyed this a lot.
Your words made me wish that I had met this wonderful person. thanks for writing this. If fact you are blessed, if fiction, you are doubly blessed.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if God could bless us all with a Kathy in our lives? Loved the way you presented this story. The little clips worked extremely well and you are extremely talented as well. Thanks for sharing.
Touching entry. You did a good job of showing us Kathy's live and the memorial service and not just telling about it.
It wouldn't be writing from the perspective of video camera clips, but you did a wonderful job with it. I could picture every clip and the memorial service itself in my mind.

If this is fiction, you did a great job of making Kathy seem 100% real. I really love this woman!
What a beautiful tribute to a woman who lived Jesus in the skin.
A beautiful tribute to a well-loved cousin! I loved the video and the freeze-frame commentary.

Just a couple small technical errors:

"I’m gonna to show..."

"...getting married and have children..."

Just a reminder to not rely only on spell check for editing, because it won't catch errors with words spelled correctly. I'm truly not trying to be nit-picky; it's just a shame to have these small error in a piece as well-written as this one.

I felt like you captured Kathy's life perfectly. It felt like I was sitting in the memorial service. Good job. Blessings, Cheri
This gave me goosebumps reading about Kathy and the legacy of love that she's left behind with all those lives that she shared, touched and enjoyed. I'm glad that Margo had friends/family to surround her and that she showed videos to capture the spirit of this. Wonderful job! ^_^
This was very touching, and a beautiful testiment to a life lived well. Great writing!