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Your talent for telling a real life story about the relationship between father and daughter is evident here. Thank your for blessing us with your glimpse into a blessed family.
Anyone with a teenage daughter can relate to this! She'll one day understand and appreciate the prayers. Thanks for begin vulnerable.
A very wonderful piece - I can see that between my husband and daughter some day -as he's very goofy :)
I think it is so wonderful when fathers and daughters have a special and close relationship. You are blessed.
This was a great "fathers" entry. A touch of humor with a great message. Just one thing - at the beginning, when you said, "It's hard being a dad to a teenager," I got the impression it was being written by a father. Then, when you said, "you should see my husband," I was confused. I had to go back and re-read. But it might be just me. I did enjoy this one very much!
Blessings, Lynda
I loved the title, and the link to paragraph 3. Moms also go through this with their daughters. Paragraph 5 made me think the word "Ouch!" Paragraph 6: The father's giving of the bride, his daughter, is one of the tenderest moments. (Think the song 'Butterfly Kisses'.) Paragraph 7 just a note. Our pastor calls our youngest daughter (now 8) "Princess". No other child in the congregation except his own adult daughters receive that title. I have had to field the complaints from my 14 yo daughter about Dad being impossible. Love the line in #10 about the relationship that comes prayerfully. I agree with Lynda about confusion over your gender at the beginning of the story. Perhaps saying "Just an observation from a mother" and then tell what you have noticed about teen girls and their dads. Also watch your use of commas.
I liked your humor. How blessed your daughter is.