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This was a story that causes one to ponder. It's about sacrifices and helping others when helping requires a bit of sacrifice on one's part. Sacrifice. A good word to relate to Easter. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice leaving us an example. The people that shared from their meager sources were doing just that. He leaves one believing that, like the widow woman in the Bible, their storehouses will not go empty before fishing season begins. For the One who has the power to multiply fish and loaves still lives! You are a gifted writer.
This was a great lesson in loving our neighbor as ourselves. I liked your characters. They were each independently strong and complemented each other. You wrote as if you know them personally.

My favorite line was:
"Even the darkest days are witness to light". This summed up your entire article. Even the darkest days we may go through, the love of God in our lives sheds light on us when we do what is right out of love. Nicely done.
This is so rich with word pictures! Wonderful story! The first paragraph grabbed my attention right away and kept me reading.
Excellent! Excellent story! Beautifully written!
Wonderful story, I can see this expanded into a short story or more. Thank you.
In this story love shines through. God is love and the light of the world. This is what the neighbours did for each other. They brought the light of God to each other.
I really enjoyed reading this. The line "She was still praying when she drifted off to sleep" reminded me of something Mom told me that was said by one of the ladies from church: She used to say that she felt guilty falling asleep praying, but then realized what better way to go to sleep than talking peacefully with our Father.
What a wonderful story.Your memories of newfoundland and your heritage have not left you yet.Kee up the wonder work.
Wonderfully written! Very moving and vividly depicted. Not only an excellent story of love and sacrifice but also of the power of unity.