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I like the way you moved through grief, pain, love, peace and then joy to show the different emotions that Easter evokes in you. Well done.
I loved the procession of emotions you used. Grief comes at our awareness of our lost condition [conviction]; pain comes at our awareness that our sins put him on the cross [repentance];love comes when we run into His open arms; peace at the knowledge that we are forgiven; and joy that He lives and will return for His own. Beautiful presentation.
I like the contrast of the images of His hands and arms and the work He was meant to do, both in life and death.
Is this a song? It should be, so full of images.
Easter is truly in all of our hearts for the truth, hope, and life it brings to us. The words from your heart so aptly reflect the emotions of my heart, too. Thank you.
This was absolutely beautiful and powerful. Such a nice style to your poem. It made the reading of it flow smoothly. Your words were simple yet managed to touch the heart in a deep and profound way. Nicely done.
Simply beautiful! Wonderful to see your name in the winners circle, Nola -- congratulations!